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What began as a full-service event planning business has grown to custom gift design solutions. 

We specialize in creating unique and gifts that connect, tell your story and represent your brand. 

Our team is committed to creating quality, design-forward events to gifts and delivering top-notch service for clients.

From all of your sourcing products from local small business 


A full-service event planning and custom personalized gift design business. Specializing in curating unique events and gifts that leave a memorable lasting impression. We coordinate and produce events of all kinds. From intimate private ceremonies to large-scale corporate events. 

Gary & Emily McCormick believe their love for music and food
go hand in hand.

Gary is a seasoned bass player who picked up the instrument at the age of 18 while attending NC State University. After years of playing for many groups and choirs as well as being motivated by a love of live performance, Gary founded The Mack Band in 2019. 
With soulful grooves and impeccable musicianship, they specialize in providing a completely entertaining and authentic recreation of your favorite Funk, Soul, and R&B hits from the 60s to the present day.

Gary believes that music creates energy, and it creates an atmosphere that develops the flavor of food. Good food can become excellent with the appropriate music because music will always make everything we eat better.

Emily has been involved in the events industry for nearly 20 years from traveling with national stage plays to Fortune Global 500 corporate conferences, nonprofit galas, fundraising, and live music concert events. She is the current 2022 Member of the NACE-Triangle Chapter Board of Directors. We have DONE it ALL! 

After launching their first brick-and-mortar southern-style buffet restaurant/venue in her hometown of Warren County, North Carolina they were hit with a global COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.  After many attempts to pivot, they were forced to shutter in December 2020. 

Out of the continued demand for premier live music events, great food, and exceptional cuisine McCormick Creations & Co. was formed in January 2021. With a mission is to bring culture, food, and music together. 

McCormick Creations & Co. host numerous live music event throughout the year including the annual Jazz & Jokes Valentine's Gala, All White on the Green Concert Labor Day Weekend, Mother's Day Sunday Brunch and Live Band Karaoke.  


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