Welcome to McCormick Creations & Company! 

We are a full-service event planning and custom gift design business. We specialize in curating unique events and gifts that leave a memorable lasting impression.

Founders Gary & Emily McCormick believe their love for music and food go hand in hand.

Gary is a seasoned bass player who picked up the instrument at the age of 18 while attending NC State University. He believes that music creates energy, it creates an atmosphere that develops the flavor of food. Good food can become excellent with the appropriate music because music will always make everything we eat better.

Emily is a serial entrepreneur, who launched her first brick-and-mortar southern-style buffet restaurant in her hometown of Warren County, North Carolina only six short months before the global COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.  After many attempts to pivot, we were forced to shutter in December 2020. 

Out of the continued demand for premier live music events, great food, and exceptional cuisine McCormick Creations & Co. was formed in January 2021.