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Virtual & Remote Gift Ideas for Staying Connected During the Holidays with McCormick Creations Gifts

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and most importantly, staying connected with loved ones. But what happens when distance keeps us apart? McCormick Creations Gifts can be the solution! In this blog post, in partnership with McCormick Creations Gifts, we'll explore some thoughtful ways to bridge the gap during the holidays and make cherished memories with friends and family, even when you can't be together in person.

Shipping Across the US and Canada: McCormick Creations Gifts is pleased to offer shipping to locations across the US and Canada, ensuring that your heartfelt presents can reach your loved ones, no matter where they are.

Personalized Video Messages:

Nothing warms the heart like a personalized video message. Encourage your customers to create heartfelt videos, sharing their holiday traditions and sending love virtually. Check out Animoto Personalized Video Christmas Card.

Virtual Game Nights:

Host virtual game nights to bring everyone together for some online fun. Suggest board games or digital games that can be enjoyed remotely. Check out Virtual Game Night Live

Subscription Boxes for Virtual Events:

McCormick Creations Gifts offers subscription boxes that offer access to virtual events like wine tastings, cooking classes, or online concerts, providing a delightful way to stay connected. Reach out to us directly @

Digital Gift Cards:

Consider digital gift cards from McCormick Creations Gifts for a versatile and convenient way to let recipients choose their own gifts. Instore or online.


In a world where distance can sometimes keep us apart, these virtual and remote gift ideas, in collaboration with McCormick Creations Gifts, offer a wonderful way to stay connected during the holidays. Whether it's through heartfelt video messages, virtual game nights, or immersive VR experiences, these gifts allow you to share the holiday spirit and create lasting memories. This holiday season, give the gift of connection and warmth with thoughtful presents available through McCormick Creations Gifts that transcend physical boundaries, making it a season to remember for you and your loved ones. And don't forget, McCormick Creations Gifts can ship anywhere in the US and Canada, ensuring your gifts reach their destination with care.

Ready to connect with your loved ones this holiday season? Explore McCormick Creations Gifts today!

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Gary McCormick
Gary McCormick
Oct 04, 2023

This is awesome! Thank you for the great holiday ideas!

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